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Valentine Day

Today is haloween, but I can talk about valentine right?    

Valentine day in 14 February is the day of the lovers and they who are falling in love, express their love. People send chocolate, card, flower or anything that can express their love to people that they love. Valentine is very popular, that proof by Valentine’s Day.

    Valentine Day was started by Father St. Valentinus who lived in 3 A.D. while the Rome Emperor Claudius 2 was reigning. Valentinus was a martyr. But in 14th February, St. Valentinus was executed by Rome King Claudius 2, because he did not comply to Claudius command that young man who wanted to go to war should not get married, because people who get married did not want to join the war. But, Saint Valentinus wed young people. And St. Valentiinus was sent to jail. When he was in jail, St. Valentinus met the sick daughter of the prison warden. St. Valentinus cured her and felt in love with her. Before he was executed Valentinus sent a card written, “From a person who has pure love, Valentine.”

During Valentine day we are familiar with Cupid, right? Cupid is the kid who has 2 wings and he shoots an arrow to someone heart, which actually is a symbol of God love. But now, Cupid is the symbol of Valentine, if you see, Cupid always exists in card.s

    In America, Valentine is marked by exchanging card. People create valentine card by themselves, which is filled with love expressions. Then, people send red roses too. Similarly, in Rome people said “Lupercallia” in Valentine day because that day is very romantic and fresh for lovers.. In France, people have unique tradition on Valentine day. The singles stay at home and they call each other face to face from the windows of the person they choose. Next, if the men don’t like the women, they can leave them Then, they have a camp fire where the woman who are left burn the photo of the guys who left them. Because that program is misused, the France government disallows that.

    What about in Asia? In Japan, the girls send chocolate to the boys to express their love. If the boys like them, in 14 march the boys send reply chocolate usually packed in white box, then that day is called White Day. In Indonesia, Valentine day is good moment to sell product like, chocolate, card, doll, and knick knack of love. And for flower seller that is the moment they are waiting for, because on Valentine they can sell all the flower.

By: Ivana

By many references


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  1. I found your website on another site. It helped me do my research on this topic. I have spent lots of time looking through your site. Don�t stop writing articles, because I would become lost!

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